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About Prof. Pollet

Prof. Dr. Bruno G. Pollet

As well as having passion for Clean Energy (e.g. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells), I am also passionate about Sonoelectrochemistry and Sonochemistry. My PhD (Coventry University, Sonochemistry Centre, 1994-1998) gave me the opportunity to understand the effect of power ultrasound on electrochemical systems directed to 'real' issues such as water treatment and water disinfection. In 1998, I developed the first mid-scale sonoelectrochemical cell for the removal of heavy metals and other inorganics/organics as well as pathogenic bacteria in toxic effluents - this prototype was named the SONOECO CELL. 

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Some selected publications

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New Scientist

B. Pollet, J.P. Lorimer and T.J. Mason, “Bubbles Boost Silver Recycling”, New Scientist, 24/08/1996, No 2044, 21
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